Mastering Ceramics

A leading platform dedicated to the creative investigation of ceramic production, collaborating with an extended network of local and international experts from the field.

Foregrounding collaboration and co-creation, we connect artists, designers and brands with ceramic culture. Our approach is purpose-built for today’s interdisciplinary environment. We draw upon Italy’s ancient ceramics tradition, while refining international techniques and processes. We fire at high and low temperatures; are skilled in making large-scale, multidimensional projects; and our ongoing research around raw materials has led us to develop hundreds of recipes for our own one-of-a-kind glazes. Over the years, we have worked with Bottega Veneta, Cassina, B&B and Knoll on store interiors, as well as with designers and artists Elisa Ossino, Anders Ruhwald, Paolo Gonzato and Loredana Longo.